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Transition into Fall with a Denim Jumpsuit

Happy first day of fall! Usually I feel like summer flies by and I am not ready for it to end, but this year I am so excited for the change in seasons. I cannot wait to light up our fireplace and cinnamon candles, and cook and bake things with lots of spices in them. 

denim jumpsuit - hazeleyeddarling.com

What I am most excited about is that Charlie and I are preparing to go on a vacation that I have been dreaming of for years… a New England Fall Colors trip!  Having that lined up around the corner is making me so eager for cooler weather and changing colors of leaves.  It is also the time of year in California where it can still be pretty hot during the day and cool down slightly by nightfall, so I have been looking for some transitional pieces that are good for both the hot days and cooler nights.  This denim jumpsuit from Pilcro and the Letterpress (via Anthropologie) is absolutely perfect for that and I can’t stop wearing it!  This jumpsuit was a good reminder that patience is a virtue

I love bargain shopping, and my golden rule is that eventually all (or at least most) things will go on sale.  The prime example of this is Anthropologie.  Eventually everything there will go on sale. And you do not have to be that patient.  I tried on this jumpsuit on a whim when I was in the store and immediately fell in love with it.  It fit me like it was tailored for me.  The denim is so soft and the sleeves are too cute.  But, it was $160.  So, I reminded myself that *everything at Anthro eventually goes on sale* and in less than a month I bought it over $100 off! Que happy dance.  I highly recommend subscribing to emails at your favorite stores; my personal favorites, Loft, Anthropologie, and J. Crew, send around the best emails… things like “extra 60% off sale items”, and at those prices you can get several items for the price of one original-priced item.  And who doesn’t love that!  So, stay patient, and shop smart.  Buy things that are truly special to you, but at a price where you won’t feel guilty ;)

denim jumpsuit - hazeleyeddarling.com

denim jumpsuit - hazeleyeddarling.com

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