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Making Time for Summer - Picnic at Corona Del Mar State Beach

Sunset at Corona Del Mar State Beach
Sunset at Corona Del Mar State Beach

Mood Music: Doin' Time by Lana del Rey (such a great remake of a SoCal classic)

Growing up in Southern California has always had one guarantee: beautiful, sunny, hot summers... until this year. Our June weather was drizzly and cool. Not just the usual “June gloom” that burns off by the end of the day, but day after day of grey skies and one too many days of rain. Fortunately, the weather finally turned the corner in July and we have had a few weeks of that perfect California sun! Charlie and I have been soaking up as much as we can by going for walks, swimming in our pool, and eating meals outside (especially barbecue!).  

However, one key element was missing. We haven't been to the beach in 3 months, and we only live 20 minutes away. 

We realized that we haven't been making time for something that we both love just because it is slightly out of the way and our weekends are always scheduled. 

I started thinking about it and thought, why not tonight? What do we have going on that is so important that we can't take 2 hours to rest and rejuvenate? 

I texted Charlie to see if he had anything going on that night (and it was only one to-do item that we easily move to the next night if we got back too late), so I rushed to make a healthy dinner (Cobb Snob Salad from Body Love by Kelly Leveque), packed up our picnic basket, threw on sandals and left for the beach.  Twenty minutes later we were asking ourselves why we don't do this more often!  There are so many things that we can make so complicated, but this beach dinner was not one of those.  We brought a mat to sit on, one towel to wrap around us when it got cooler and to wipe our feet, a picnic basket, and that was it.  Soaking up that sunset over the water was pure happiness, and a good reminder to make time for the things you love.  And, we still got that one to-do list item checked off when we got home.  What do you wish you were doing instead of your evening routine of chores and Netflix? Encouraging you to take a break for something special to put in your memory bank <3

Sunset at Corona Del Mar State Beach

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