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Dressember: 31 Days of Dresses

Dressember Day 7

Mood Music: You Make Me Happy - My Sun and Stars

Even though working from home this year has meant that shoes are not often part of my outfits, I still enjoy getting dressed up each day. I know some people can work in their PJs but there is something about getting ready for work that just changes my mindset.

(Dress: Loft / Mug: Anthropologie / Desk: Cost Plus World Market)

This cute and casual dress from Loft (with pockets) has been the perfect work from home dress: cute and comfortable! Very thankful that Charlie and I set up an office in our house before the pandemic hit... it's been a lifesaver! Even better news, Dressember has raised over $1 million so far! Check out their cause here and donate if you feel called to.

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