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Dressember: 31 Days of Dresses

Dressember Days 17-20

Mood Music: Jingle Bells - Frank Sinatra (my favorite version!)

Can you believe that Christmas is only 5 days away? I feel like, for the first time in years, I have been able to slowly enjoy this season and not feel like it's the week of Christmas and I have so much left to do. I guess that is one benefit of fewer parties and smaller Christmas gatherings. Still, we made time for the most fun party... a work-from-home- office Christmas party with just the two of us in our home office! We decided to not give up the office party tradition but just adjust it to fit the times. I believe that fun people can always have fun, despite the circumstances, and we had a blast! We even drew names from a bowl for Secret Santas and miraculously ended up picking each others names and not our own. We each made a "dish to share", per the invite, and got all dressed up. It was something we looked forward to all week, and it did not disappoint. I loved that quality time together to enjoy the season and celebrate. I encourage you to have one too with your home office buddy(ies)!

Charlie and I have also been enjoying watching Christmas movies, driving around looking at lights, and eating the biscotti he made and some amazing tamales my parents got. We will probably end up watching Bridget Jones Diary tonight, which is one of my favorites, and is very arguably a Christmas movie, too! What are some of your favorite movies this season? Here is a quick list of mine:

  • The Preacher's Wife (I love Whitney Houston)

  • Elf

  • Muppets Christmas Carol

  • White Christmas

  • Bridget Jones, Die Hard, and several Harry Potters are set during Christmas, so they count

  • A Christmas Story

And here are my dresses from the last few days (it has been quite warm here):

Day 17

(Dress: Betsy Johnson)

Day 18

(Dress: Gal Meets Glam Collection)

Day 19

(Dress: Anthropologie/ Puppy: My parents precious new Cavalier King Charles, Westley)

Day 20

(Dress: Gal Meets Glam Collection / Shoes: Madewell)

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