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DIY Easter Cards: Watercolor for Beginners

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It's no shocker that I love arts & crafts time. I have been painting, hot-gluing, and decorating things forever, so it's naturally something that I turn to when I need some time to decompress. With the quarantine going on, I have been trying to find ways to maintain some sense of normalcy. One thing that helps me to separate the days from just a blur of repetitiveness is to change things that are starting to feel routine or less-than-ideal into something a little special. Instead of watching a movie by myself, I set a plan and then look forward to watching that movie on Zoom with a friend. With Easter coming up next weekend, I wanted to look for ways to still make that day feel special, even if it can't be with our family in person. Easter and Spring are times of rebirth, and therefore the perfect occasion to count blessings and have hope for a better future. Instead of saying "oh, we will celebrate it with family later," Charlie and I plan on streaming a church service and dressing up for whatever ends up being the nicest meal that we can prepare with food already in our pantry/freezer. Despite the restrictions, I will continue to be grateful for my health and safety..and that is a lot to celebrate!

My family loves making cards for each other, so I thought that painting cards for Easter sounded like the perfect way to feel more connected to each other, and to this special holiday. It's easy to feel intimidated by watercolors, and mastering them definitely takes lots of practice. However, with some beginner designs, it's really quite easy to accomplish something beautiful!

I set out by looking for Easter and Spring designs on Pinterest, and then drew those designs onto some craft paper I had. If that sounds too difficult, you can always print out a design you like and hold your white paper on top of it against a window and trace the lines of the original design. From there, fill in the design with whatever colors you like and erase any pencil lines once it's completely dry. It doesn't have to be perfect; like all handmade things, it's the thought that counts!

While you should definitely not feel any shame if you do not come out of quarantine with a new hobby, or having mastered a new language or fitness routine, if trying new things brings you joy and you're looking for an easy way to bring some color and happiness into your day, give these paintings a try!

And if that definitely does not bring you joy, you can always print out my images and say you made them yourself, I won't tell ;)

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