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Vol. 5 | November 10, 2020

Mood Music: From Paris With Love - Melody Gardot (her whole album is lovely!)

First off, I'm starting out this week incredibly grateful for the political shift happening in our county and that America will have its first female Vice President! Now that we have recovered from the stress and anticipation of last's week's election results (what felt like the longest week ever), we can unwind with some of these quick things:

ONE: New Netflix Show: The Queen's Gambit

So, to be honest, when I first heard that there was a Netflix show about a child chess prodigy, my initial response was "yeah, no thank you." But, I was so wrong to judge! The Queen's Gambit is intriguing and captivating. It's a drama following the main character, Beth, an orphan and an absolute math genius. The janitor at her orphanage teaches her chess at age 9 and realizes that he's never seen anything like her. Soon she is competing and is unstoppable. Seeing this game played through her magic-like reality despite her many unfortunate personal experiences is a much better time than I gave it credit for.

TWO: Easy Wonton Soup - perfect for this cold weather!

The weather has finally gotten chilly around here, making me crave soup all the time! I recently saw an add from Cali Dumpling Delivery who found a way to continue selling their delicious dumplings and keeping their employees staffed during the tough time that restaurants have bene experiencing during COVID-19. They deliver to many places around California and Las Vegas. I knew I wanted to help them out, and also don't need many excuses to eat dumplings! And, what better way than in soup! I found this quick and super easy wonton soup recipe from The Novice Chef Blog, which did the trick. I do like my soups with a little more flavor to them, so I personally added more soup sauce to mine and a squeeze of Sriracha. Yum!

THREE: Fall Transitioning to Christmas

I know a lot of people have already started putting up Christmas decor, and while I fully support that, I'm just not there yet. Well, not entirely there yet! We bought our first artificial christmas tree, from Costco, and needed to open it to see if we liked it. Well, we do, and once it was up we just couldn't put it away! I wrapped my Fall garlands around it and slid the pumpkins underneath. Now we are ready for Thanksgiving! I love the glow from the warm white lights... it's making me so excited for the holidays.

FOUR: Jazzing up your cookies: Salted Honey Pistachio Cookies

I love chocolate chip cookies as much as the next person, but every now and then I'm looking to mix things up a bit. I saw these white chocolate chip pistachio honey cookies on Pinterest (from Cookies & Cups) and immediately put them in my "to be baked" board. They look beautiful and sound really intriguing. I plan on making them soon and can't wait! Let me know if you give them a try too!

FIVE: Perfect Puppy Toys

My sister just got the most adorable puppy on Saturday, so naturally Charlie and I wanted to get him a little welcome home present. We went to PetSmart and they had a great selection of puppy-specific toys, especially toys to help while teething. The favorite of the toys we bought for was without a doubt this one from JW Pet. I highly recommend it for any new puppies in your life! Also, to help with sleeping and separation anxiety from its siblings, my sister bought this plush dog with a heartbeat! Such a smart idea!

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