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Vol. 4 | DATE September 29, 2020

Mood Music: Levitating - Dua Lipa

movie night: Enola Holmes!

ONE: Trader Joe's Cinnamon Bun Spread.

Yes, you read that right! Like so many others, I am a sucker for Trader Joe's fall specialty foods. When I saw this new spread I just had to try it. I personally think that its texture is a too gelatinous when eaten just on a spoon (because why would you not just eat something called Cinnamon Bun Spread on a spoon?). However, when I spread it on a cookie, it was not bad. I think I'm still on the fence about it, but now that I have a whole jar of it, I guess I'll start trying to find recipes for it! If you are also on the fence about it, I would suggest to just make some actual Cinnamon Bun Spread (which is just butter, sugar, and cinnamon), since that will give you a much better texture.

TWO: Future Nostalgia album by Dua Lipa.

Workout burnout? Or, just need some happy, energizing music to jam to during the day? I just finally listened to the entire Future Nostalgia album that Dua Lipa put out in March (forgive me Dua Lipa... I was distracted in March *cough pandemic*), and I am OBSESSED. I particularly love Levitating and Physical; when I'm feeling a little over it and do not want to work out, I can't help but dance to these songs. I hope they add some pep to your day too!

THREE: S'mores Bar (small batch!)

I saw the most amazing looking recipe on Cloudy Kitchen's instagram and could not wait to try it: S'mores Bar with a toasted marshmallows on top. Charlie and I were planning a BBQ dinner and s'mores seemed like the perfect way to end that night. This dessert was very easy to make, and we cheated by using marshmallow fluff in a jar instead of making our own marshmallows, and it was so good! Highly recommend, but cut into skinny slices, because that chocolate ganache is rich.

FOUR: Friday Night Flick: Enola Holmes on Netflix

While I feel that my movie watching standards have definitely gone down during COVID quarantine-ing, this movie was undoubtably cute and was a much needed change of pace. I love a good mystery, and the actors were all great and very likable in this (I love Millie Bobby Brown from Stranger Things in this); it is such a fun twist to watch Sherlock Holmes's little sister solve a crime! There were some minor plot questions that I had but I would 100% watch it again and recommend it.

FIVE: Article to Read: New York Times on President Trump's taxes

In case you did not hear in the news, the New York Times obtained over two decades of Trump's personal and business taxes. As part of educating ourselves prior to the election in a few short weeks, it is important to know the individuals who are running and how they conduct themselves in their personal affairs. Trump has shown time an again that he lacks ethics in all of his actions and this article highlights another significant facet of that.

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