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VOL. 3 | Tuesday, September 22, 2020

Mood Music: Express Yourself - Madonna

ONE: Barre Blend by Beachbody workout.

Have you ever taken a Pop Physique or a Pure Barre class? Or you wanted to, but never actually went? After hearing my bestie Jessy rave about how much she loves these classes, I decided to check it out and found out that there is a free sample workout on YouTube here! It really was fun (the instructor is so full of energy and positivity!), and hard work... I'm going to need to work at this a lot more and I'm looking forward to strengthening those dancer muscles! Ps. you don't need a barre; I used a barstool and it definitely did the job.

TWO: New cocktail/mocktail

Our lime tree is completely full of ripe fruit, so in our quest to look for new ways to use them, Charlie and I discovered a new (to us) cocktail/mocktail recipe that we can't get enough of: The Dr. J! We have tried this recipe with and without rum, and it's delicious both ways.

The Dr. J Cocktail/Mocktail

2 oz. Rum (or flavored sparkling water; I like passionfruit Le Croix)

3/4th oz. lime juice or unripe orange juice

3/4th oz. simple syrup (1:1 water and sugar)

splash of vanilla extract

pinch of salt

Shake over ice and enjoy!

THREE: Espresso Yourself Box - Coffee and Wellness subscription box.

I just discovered this new, woman-owed company that curates the most fun (and useful!) boxes stuffed with goodies like coffee, journals, necklaces, and reusable water bottles. Not just filler products... but things you actually really want and will love! Their goal is to help the modern woman "prioritize their own mental, emotional, physical and spiritual health"... and who doesn't want that?! You can sign up for a subscription or just order individual boxes.

FOUR: Vote!

This August was the 100th anniversary of the 19th Amendment - Women's right to vote! With the presidential election coming up in a few short months, please take a few minutes to educate yourself about how you can vote and make your voice heard. Here is some quick info for Californians. In California, everyone who is registered to vote will receive a ballot that they can mail in, in case you do not want to go in person to a poll to vote. The last day to register to vote in California is October 19th, so hurry up and register if you have not already!

FIVE: Crazy Good Fabletics Sale - 70% off! This sale was supposed to only be for Labor Day, but the ads are still running, so I suggest you hurry to get this great sale. I exercise often and love Fabletics quality (I'm wearing their matching set in the photo at the top). Typically a pair of Fabletics leggings is about $70 for a non-VIP member, but with making a new VIP account and calling in to get the 70% off my entire order, I was able to get $1,025 worth of workout clothes for about $150! That's insane! Here is a picture of my haul (highly recommend all of them; the leggings are thick and so soft):

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