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31 Days of Dresses: Dressember Day 8

Mood Music: The Christmas Song - Nat King Cole

Dressember Day 8

While there was a quick break in the rain, we decided to quickly run to our home-away-from-home, Home Depot, and pick up some new seasonal decor to get the house ready for Christmas!

Dress: H&M (old, similar) // Rain boots: Hunter (similar)

Sunglasses: Marc Jacobs (similar)

This is one of my "great steal" outfits... somehow I got these glasses from my optometrist for free (well, with insurance), this dress was under $20 at H&M, and I was lucky to find these boots (which are usually over $130) at Nordstrom Last Chance during a trip to Arizona (a very strange version of Nordstrom products that I am pretty sure only exists in AZ) for $25!

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