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31 Days of Dresses: Dressember Day 26-31

Mood Music: What Are You Doing New Year's Eve? (Mangini vs. Pallin Remix)- Ella Fitzgerald

Dressember Day 26-31

The holidays were so hectic that all of a sudden I realized that I did not post the rest of my Dressember photos here! Better late than never... here they are:

Dressember Day 26 - picking up dinner at In-N-Out

Dressember Day 27 - shopping for a new coffee table

Dressember Day 28 - Visiting Hotel del Coronado, our annual tradition

Dressember Day 29 - finally getting around to looking at Christmas lights!

Dressember Day 30 - planning what we will cook for New Year's Eve

Dressember Day 31 - New Year's Eve with my love. Happy 2020 everyone!

Thanks for following along with another year of Dressember! If you would still like to donate to their great cause, please check them out here!

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