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31 Days of Dresses: Dressember Day 21

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Dressember Day 21

Today we celebrated Christmas early with my sister and her boyfriend before they fly out to Maryland. We started off strong by having that cookie dough ice cream cake we made last night (which finally solidified in time to be a breakfast of champions). My parents came over in the afternoon and we went to Cha Cha Chicken (one of my favorite places on the westside in LA) for a late lunch. We then put on our coats and walked around the Venice canals to look at the beautifully decorated bridges and homes. This will be the first time that I do not see both of my sisters on Christmas Day, so it was definitely emotional, but we can't wait to exchange gifts and celebrate with them again when they come back in January!

Dress: H&M // Coat: Topshop // Shoes: Target

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