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31 Days of Dresses: Dressember Day 11

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Dressember Day 11

Today is one of my favorite holiday events... my in-office Christmas Party! I know that for some people that this may be a dreaded gathering, but I am incredibly lucky to love where I work, and love our traditions this time of year. We are a small group, so we gather in a conference room to enjoy snacks and goodies that everyone brought, along with real hot chocolate (the good stuff, where it is literally chocolate melted into warm milk). I love that we take a break from our busy schedules to enjoy a few hours together over good food and a gift exchange.

Dress: Betsey Johnson (no longer at Nordstrom Rack, but available here)

Of course, I made a small charcuterie and cheese board to share. There are very few adventurous eaters in my office, so I stuck with safe cheese options (two types of cheddar and one honey goat) and it was a hit!

I loved how much attention to detail there was! Even paper plates feel fancy with these custom calligraphy silverware holders.

Wishing that all of you have wonderful office parties this year, too!

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